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    Bill 08/05/10 10:57pm
    Bill says:
    u know I do!! How r u doing? :)
    Bill 08/04/10 12:26am
    Bill says:
    karebear 04/18/10 12:20pm
    karebear says:
    awww your picture is adorable !
    olehen 04/05/10 1:26pm
    olehen says:
    lablueeyes1214 03/12/10 7:53pm
    lablueeyes1214 says:
    it was very hard Feburary 27th 2008 is when they took them my first niece frances was 7 when she went to school she put on a worse pair of dirty shoes and told the teacher a lie about her dad said he picked her up and through her on the floor and that aint true cause sometimes id baby set 2 of my nieces at mine and my moms apartment in mckinney tx and also i would spend nights with my sis and bro in law when my mom was workin at walmart late nights and i would stay durin the day alot and help then baby set so thats how i know its not true and they never ever did an investagation like it says there suppost to do before removin a child or children out of there home and shaytece wouldnt listen to me about leavin my dog sasha alone so i use my sisters cell phone to call my mom and tell her twice so they had daniel come out and take us back to his and tairas apartment so we watched dream girls with jennifer hudson in it and then we watched spongebob cart toon and then after that she said aunt nally i said what honey she said can you show me how to brush my teeth and rinse it out with water so i showed her how and then after we was done brushin our teeth and wash it out with cold water i heard a knock on the door and i said oh shoot and my sis always told me look through the peek hole and ask who it is and i did so they said social services and i said ok hold on and i called my sis and told her who was at the door and she said open it even though i didnt want to when i did my niece shaytece hide right behind me and she was 5 years old at the time and she looked like she was goin to cry to i tried my best to clam her down i said honey dont cry all they have to do is take you in so they can ask you questions and then i said you will be back home and i dryed off her eyes and she said she was hungry so i got her some peanut butter creakers and then i got her one of her sisters coats to put on and she gave me a hug and then i asked them if theres anyway they could give me a ride there cause i said my mom and sister and brother in law are there and i have no other way to get there and they said they didnt have no more room cause they had to pick up 2 other kids which is kiyon and marlena and they said to shaytece give your aunt another hug and she did and i shut the door and when into the kicthen and watched them leave from the window and i just started crying so bad i didnt really wanna open the door i told my mom and sis and bro in law that so then feb 27th 2010 was a very hard day for me i was crying alot too
    blueeyedgirl972 03/12/10 6:53pm
    blueeyedgirl972 says:
    thanks so much and i remember my friend nicci in west va she told me that when her and her hubby went to walmart she bumped into the foster mom and her daughters and the foster mom let her visit them and maybe that can happen for my sister taira and my brother in law daniel so that way them and the adopted mom can work out something and so they can tell her that they never gave up on them and that whatever cps told them is a lie and so they can visit there 3 girls and who knows maybe the foster mom who watches frances will be there that would be awesome and id love to see my 4 nieces and i know my mom would love to see her 4 grand daughters its been 2 years her and i havent seen them :(
    lablueeyes1214 03/12/10 4:11pm
    lablueeyes1214 says:
    lablueeyes1214 says: awww thanks so much girl those are my 4 beautiful nieces in texas and my sister and brother in law didnt desurve them gettin taken away from them cps in texas is very wicked they dont care how bad they hurt or break up good families please say a prayer that my 4 nieces are ok 3 of them where adopted out to a mexican lady and frances is not adoptable so hopefully my mom and i can get her before its too late they didnt even do no invesagation and they had no proof there suppost to do that before removing a kid or kids out of there home and they tricked my sister and brother in law into signing off there parental rights so im very sad but no matter what there still my nieces and my moms grand babies my sister and brother in law will get them back in gods time so i know everything will work out just hope they never believe any of the lies cps told them cause we never gave up on them and never will
    blueeyedgirl972 03/12/10 12:11pm
    blueeyedgirl972 says:
    may i please have one pink 2.0 layout that says Proud Auntie
    sassyred 03/08/10 12:24pm
    sassyred says:
    Thanks so much Jenn
    islandgirl 02/20/10 10:39am
    islandgirl says:
    Bill 02/16/10 12:20pm
    Bill says:
    Thanks I had a good V Day. Love u more
    blueeyedgirl972 02/15/10 10:49am
    blueeyedgirl972 says:
    hello im new to here and i wanna be your friend hope you had a fun valentines day yesterday
    AeroAngel 02/14/10 7:19pm
    AeroAngel says:
    karebearlv 02/13/10 4:44am
    karebearlv says:
    BlindTrust 01/31/10 4:38am
    BlindTrust says:
    ZingerZapper 01/30/10 3:50am
    ZingerZapper says:
    Just stopping by to say hi and how this works....lovely job you are doing..Have a great night!
    Bill 01/26/10 4:27pm
    Bill says:
    do u ever come online anymore??? miss u :(
    Bill 01/22/10 11:46am
    Bill says:
    brandy28 01/17/10 3:55pm
    brandy28 says:
    OK so your default picture looks like me...
    brandy28 01/17/10 3:52pm
    brandy28 says:
    OMG YOU LOOK JUST LIKE ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Bill 01/12/10 2:29am
    Bill says:
    kevin 01/08/10 4:08pm
    kevin says:
    Jenn, I keep having a problem with the top image not showing up on my myspace even after it shows up on the preview. do you happen to know any fix to this? for 2.0 layout. Any help would be appreciated. its driving me a bit nuts lol.
    sassyred 01/05/10 1:38pm
    sassyred says:
    karebearlv 01/01/10 5:46am
    karebearlv says:
    mish1125 12/31/09 5:15pm
    mish1125 says:
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