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    EvilestBrat's Comments (57)

    DjTeKnoAlbe 11/19/10 8:36am
    DjTeKnoAlbe says: DJ TeKnO-Albe
    elizabethscruggs 11/12/10 10:16pm
    elizabethscruggs says:
    Have a great weekend!
    belovedchristine 10/21/10 11:38am
    belovedchristine says:
    Bill 10/16/10 7:03pm
    Bill says:
    could u copy that forbidden error and send it to me idk y thats happening :( sure ill delete them 4 u i should have the option to edit your 3.0s done tomorrow ;)
    Bill 10/16/10 6:16pm
    Bill says:
    Sure no problem :) Im glad the creative bug wont let you stop! We'd miss u here!! :)
    elizabethscruggs 10/12/10 11:43pm
    elizabethscruggs says:
    Hope your having a great week!
    fanuiel 09/29/10 10:59am
    fanuiel says:
    Bill 09/23/10 10:15pm
    Bill says:
    awesome job all the new layouts!! :)
    elizabethscruggs 09/21/10 9:15pm
    elizabethscruggs says:
    Bill 08/13/10 11:25am
    Bill says:
    Bill 08/11/10 2:54pm
    Bill says:
    awesome graphics you submitted! :)
    ElizabethScruggs 08/08/10 6:40pm
    ElizabethScruggs says:
    Oh I'm super crazy Sixx obsessed lol.. I have his name tattooed on my leg...heheh My Sixx layouts are up now, see what you think.
    ElizabethScruggs 08/07/10 12:07am
    ElizabethScruggs says:
    I see your a big Nikki Sixx fan also. I'm working on several Nikki Sixx facebook layouts. Ive been using the black and white one you had up. Very Nice!
    naomi4 06/22/10 3:25am
    naomi4 says:
    Bill 05/18/10 3:27pm
    Bill says:
    I erased it a while ago. Please check your messages
    Bill 03/09/10 1:20pm
    Bill says:
    It should be gone I erased it. Are you still seeing it on their profile?
    Tania 02/22/10 12:00am
    Tania says:
    my name is Tania I too am a stay at home mom of a 3 and 5 year old boys, I was just on the Myspace layout page and I came across your layout of "Miss Snow White" and I think shes just sick, I made her my profile layout and now I really would like to get that tattoo of her but I cant seem to find a picture that I can copy, do you have one you can email me?? I cant even go on to say how much I love email address is thank you, I hope you get back to me :o) xo Tania
    ditzydoll 02/20/10 2:29am
    ditzydoll says:
    thankyou so much . hugggz
    AeroAngel 02/14/10 7:16pm
    AeroAngel says:
    beeleenikki 02/14/10 4:08pm
    beeleenikki says:
    WOW thank you so much for telling me! Thats crazy.... I dont know what to do about it. I send her a comment telling her its mine hahaha it even has my masquerade symbol at the top!
    olehen 02/06/10 12:38am
    olehen says:
    thanks for the friends request ... love the layouts
    sassyred 01/05/10 1:38pm
    sassyred says:
    sassyred 12/31/09 3:34am
    sassyred says:
    AeroAngel 12/30/09 11:24pm
    AeroAngel says:
    Bill 12/25/09 6:14pm
    Bill says:
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