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    outletmoncler 05/12/13 9:33pm
    outletmoncler says:
    mobilebar 09/09/12 1:57am
    mobilebar says:
    Zaaby 06/07/12 7:12pm
    Zaaby says:
    To all you people here sho are making such wonderful layouts, I like to say special thank you, especially JOYFULDESIGNS I've used some layouts on my business network...I always get compliments from people.. I will look out some some more nice themes.
    mohnd 05/10/12 7:49am
    mohnd says:
    hello mr.bill thank you very much for your comment . now iam busy with the examination . by the way your profile is very nice how did you do that?
    hollikins 05/05/12 10:22pm
    hollikins says:
    hey my pc has been down and now that I am back up...I forgot my yahoo messenger password!! LMAO also for some reason my fb layouts are not linking to my hotlayouts?? They don't show and I know I am using the right fb gen??/
    hollikins 04/20/12 1:16pm
    hollikins says:
    Awwww thank you so much!!! :D
    hollikins 04/20/12 8:48am
    hollikins says:
    Hey Billie!! It happened again lmao you cannot see the image in the viewer of my layout Bright butterflies and I am sure there will be more :(
    hollikins 04/19/12 9:18am
    hollikins says:
    Hey Billie Bob!! I have two layouts that have no images when you first view it....may you please fix them :) Spank you :D
    jrlumantas 04/30/11 10:50pm
    jrlumantas says:
    jamianlexus 04/30/11 12:07pm
    jamianlexus says:
    bill hvent heard 4rm u y well am going to receive ur message later okayt by 4 nw
    jamianlexus 04/30/11 11:54am
    jamianlexus says:
    jamianlexus 04/30/11 11:47am
    jamianlexus says:
    how can i get started plz tell me mr bill ?
    jamianlexus 04/30/11 11:39am
    jamianlexus says:
    hii mr bill, am also new here i need a guide line on how to go about this place i am right now kk plz ?
    KarenT 04/28/11 7:50pm
    KarenT says:
    Wow! Thanks Bill! That really means a lot to me. :-D Trying to learn from the other creators on here by looking at what you all are doing. You guys are so talented!
    ynghel09 04/26/11 10:39pm
    ynghel09 says:
    THANK YOU // FOR GiViNG ME SOME iNFOs about making layouts .. ii will make sure that my layouts will be rated GOOD of everyone :)
    katalina24 04/26/11 12:10am
    katalina24 says:
    Gracias Bill....I'm looking forward to tinkering around here! Besitos! **KATI**
    bandam 04/17/11 10:16pm
    bandam says:
    gauravghosh123456789 04/17/11 7:29am
    gauravghosh123456789 says:
    Hey bill could u plz help me out in changing my background layout............
    zadzaporn 04/16/11 2:09am
    zadzaporn says:
    mga puking iunah kayu
    killermuy45 04/09/11 12:22pm
    killermuy45 says:
    how to put layout on facebook ?
    shortcake 04/09/11 6:15am
    shortcake says:
    the pic. when i first sign on to the devil women with her hair on fire, do you know how i would get that pic. for my facebook page?? if so my e-mail is: [] & my facebook is: [lisa moore] thank-you lisa
    SaintsAngel 04/08/11 2:34pm
    SaintsAngel says:
    hi Bill, please let me know how to remove layouts from favorites, it seems I am unable to add more. I'd appreciate your help. I'd like to have this done before I start uploading layouts. Thank you in advance. SaintsAngel
    SaoriKlaeidxVocaloid 04/07/11 11:25am
    SaoriKlaeidxVocaloid says:
    Excuse me, how to download layouts in this website and download it to the facebook?
    SaintsAngel 04/07/11 4:00am
    SaintsAngel says:
    hi Bill, please let me know how to add friends & maybe give me a few other pointers I may need to make the most I can of my profile.. Thanks, SaintsAngel
    SaintsAngel 04/07/11 3:49am
    SaintsAngel says:
    hi Bill Thanks for creating this site. T'm glad to be here! Cheers to creating HOT layouts! Peace & love to you ~ SaintsAngel
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